Nagoya Castle[The feature on the castles; Japanese history]

那古野城:織田信長が初めて城主となった城 【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Nagoya Castle
From Oda Nobuhide bestowed to Oda Nobunaga Nobunaga (Yoshihiro) is the first castle to be a lord’s castle.

Around the Tenmon seventh year (1538), father Nobuhide moved to Koba Castle, so the third son, Yoshihiro (Nobunaga), only five years old, fell to the castle owner with the help of the old seniors. Nobunaga went to the same year in the same year experienced the death of (Moriyaku) Hirate Masahide at the time of the castle in Nagoya Castle and also has a meeting with Mino of Saito at the castle.

那古野城:織田信長が初めて城主となった城 【お城特集 日本の歴史】

At that time, Nagano Castle was a square building, surrounded by samurai homes surrounded by moats and ditches.
The place is near the corner of the present Nagoya castle; it was also a transportation capital.

那古野城:織田信長が初めて城主となった城 【お城特集 日本の歴史】

那古野城:織田信長が初めて城主となった城 【お城特集 日本の歴史】

1-1 Inner Citadel Naka ward, Nagoya city, Aichi Prefecture 460-0031


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