Utsunomiya Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

宇都宮城/アクセス・場所・地図 下野の国の名門宇都宮家が治め関東七名城にも数えられる宇都宮城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

[Caslte name]
Utsunomiya Castle
Castle ruled by the Utsunomiya clan, prosperous family in Shimotsuke; one of top 7 castles in Kanto

Utsunomiya Castle was located in Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi. This castle is known as one of top 7 castles in the Kanto region. Soen Fujiwara was rewarded the land around today’s Utsunomiya city and Kinugawa River for his contribution at Formar Nine Year’s War. The land had been governed by the Utsunomiya clan for generations through Muromachi and Azuchi-Momoyama eras.

When it became Sengoku era, Utsunomiya Castle was taken away as invaded by Ujimasa Hojo, Ujiteru Hojo, Minister Minagawa, and Tsunafusa Mibu. In 1557, however, Utsunomiya clan won the castle back with the help from Takasada Haga.

宇都宮城/アクセス・場所・地図 下野の国の名門宇都宮家が治め関東七名城にも数えられる宇都宮城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

The Utsunomiya clan awarded Shimotsuke (180,000 Goku) for their effort on the siege of Odawara led by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. When Kunitsuna Utsunomiya, the chief at the time, joined the troops to Korea, their title was suddenly taken away.

That put an end to the long history of the Utsunomiya clan. Hideyuki Gamo came into the possession of the castle by contributing 180,000 Goku. Many daimyo including Iemasa Okudaira and Masazumi Honda came and went as the chief of Utsunomiya Castle throughout Edo era.

The Toda clan ruled the land of Shimotsuke from the late Edo era to Meiji Restoration.

宇都宮城/アクセス・場所・地図 下野の国の名門宇都宮家が治め関東七名城にも数えられる宇都宮城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Since Kunatsuni Utsunomiya never sided with Ieyasu Tokugawa at the Battle of Sekigahara or the Siege of Osaka, Summer Campaign, Ieyasu didn’t restore the family name.

1-15 Honmaru-cho Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi 320-0817


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