Goryokaku[The feature on the castles; Japanese history]

榎本武揚や旧幕府軍最後の抵抗 日本初の西洋城郭五稜郭【お城特集 日本の歴史】

[Castle name]
Goryokaku Castle
Enomoto Takeshi and the former shogunate army final resistance Japan’s first Western castle Goryokaku

Goryokaku in Hakodate City, Hokkaido is Japan’s first Western style archway. It was built under the design of “Takeda Kazaburo” in order to combat the foreign threat from the northern part of the Edo era at the end of the Tokugawa period. As a feature of Hakodate Goryokaku, it is a castle of five stars, each of which has a cannon placed at the tip of each and it was possible to bombard each direction.

榎本武揚や旧幕府軍最後の抵抗 日本初の西洋城郭五稜郭【お城特集 日本の歴史】

In the midst of the Tokugawa shogunate, the shogunate was going to appoint a substitute officer to the Hakodate magistrate office but “Tokugawa Yoshinobi” announced the reconciliation and abandoned the administration, a substitute was newly assigned by the new government army. At that time, the former shogunate troops in various places were dissatisfied with the reconciliation of the Great Government of Keikyu, the battle of Toba Fushimi broke out by the former shogunate army, which is the main force of the new government forces and the Aizu, Kuwana, Shinsengumi etc. Major Shogunate Army, the shogunate army is withdrawn and retreats to Osaka Castle.

Tokushige Yoshinobi “, the key to the recursion at Osaka Castle, is going to escape with leaving the vice president to Edo. This destroys the authority in the West, finally the scouting forces and sweeping forces to various places were organized in order to eliminate the former shogunate forces. Higashiyama Army • Tokaido Army, which began advancing towards Edo, arrived in Edo while absorbing it by surrendering, casting and casting the former shogunate castle in various places. Here, a meeting was held for famous Edo castle bleeding by Takamori Saigo and Katsu Kai. As a result, Edo castle attacks were canceled and the town of Edo was able to escape from the battle.

※Hakodate magistrate place
榎本武揚や旧幕府軍最後の抵抗 日本初の西洋城郭五稜郭【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Meanwhile, a part of the former shogunate army that complained about this escaped from Edo and headed toward Boso and Northeast. A part of the former shogunate army that remained in Edo lived in Ueno and was referred to as “Akikei” and had a conflict with the new government forces. And eventually the Ueno war broke out with the morale of “Omura Masujiro” and the battle of only one day “Azusa” will be destroyed.

榎本武揚や旧幕府軍最後の抵抗 日本初の西洋城郭五稜郭【お城特集 日本の歴史】

“Takeaki Enomoto” of the former Shogunate Army Vice Governor was also dissatisfied, aiming for Sendai one step after taking the shoguns of the survivors and dissatisfaction of these priests. The remnants of the former shogunate army who showed resistance in various places also faced Utsunomiya fight, Nagaoka castle fight, Aizu Wakamatsu fight and lost to Sendai Road Sendai.

Here the old shogunate navy and the army live wreckage gathered to Sendai, Enomoto housed the former shogunate soldiers in each warship to realize the dream of the development of the Ezo land, which had been conceived for a while, to Ezo (Hokkaido Hakodate) I headed. The new government forces that had already dominated the Ezo land and the only clan “Hatsukaido clan” which was the first to be appointed to the new government forces quickly grabbed the Enomoto fleet, but withdrew to the Aomori, despite being defeated.

Thus, Enomoto Takeo established the “Ezo Republic” in Meiji 2. At one time other countries also recognized this as an independent country. The former shogunate army led by Enokoto prepares for battle against the new coming government forces by arranging maintenance of each of the turret and construction of “four quadrils” and Benten Daiba, Matsumae garrison, Esashi garrison etc. on the coast.

■ For details of the four quadrants from here


In the spring of Meiji 2, the new government army arrived at the Tsugaru Strait and finally started to exploit Ezo. Although it was a good fight in the first game, it was Enomoto Army but lost warships in an unfortunate manner, deprived of the sea power, pushing by the new government army boasting overwhelming military power even in land, finally deciding to surrender within Goryokaku. Surviving in a number of fierce battles, “Shinsengumi” who has been seeking a fighting place to Goryokaku, “Hijikata Kozo” realizes that even if it surrenders it cannot escape from severe punishment, it can be said that he is reckless himself he makes an assault.

※New Goryokaku Tower
榎本武揚や旧幕府軍最後の抵抗 日本初の西洋城郭五稜郭【お城特集 日本の歴史】

The building of the Hakodate magistrate office was a high building at that time and it seems that it became the target of the ship fire shooting from Hakodate Bay. The dream of the development of the Ezo land to feed the former clerk and its family by Enomoto battle was destroyed here. Hakodate Goryokaku is designated as “Japan 100 Great castle No. 2”.

In addition to the Hakodate Goryokaku, there is another Goryokaku in Japan, and it is called “Tatsuoka Goryakaku”. This Goryokaku exists in Shinshu Saku.

■ For more information about Tatsutaoka Goryokaku

※Tatsutaoka Goryokaku

Hakodate City Goryokaku Town, Hokkaido 040-0001


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