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Tsurumaru castle
The castle of Satsuma clan of Shimazu Yoshihisa and Yoshihiro defeated in the battle of Sekigahara, Tsurumaru castle (Kagoshima castle)

Tsurumaru castle (aka Kagoshima Castle) is a residence of the Shimazu family who lived in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima prefecture. Originally there was “Ueyama Castle” at the top of mountain castle, it had been ruled by Ueyama, but from the Nanbokuchou Era it became a castle reigned by Shimazu.

The Shimazu family was a large daimyo who succeeded Kaga 1 million Jewels with 770,000 Jewels, but Tsurumaru Castle was formed from a very general structure called Inner citadel, Outer citadel, Outermost region of the castle, and there is no ordinary stone wall without using high stone walls. Moreover, the castle guard was not builded.

鶴丸城:関ヶ原の戦いに敗れた島津義久・義弘の薩摩藩の城 鶴丸城(鹿児島城)【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Rather than saying a castle, it is more appropriate to call the name “Mansion” at the foot of the castle. This is the same as when “Takeda Shingen” did not make a solid castle, it is said that there was a basic family tradition that battles are always carried out abroad, possessing many strong castles near the border.

鶴丸城:関ヶ原の戦いに敗れた島津義久・義弘の薩摩藩の城 鶴丸城(鹿児島城)【お城特集 日本の歴史】

The Satsuma clan 2nd generation lord “Shimadzu Tadanobu” until the former castle as “inner castle”, Keiichi 5 years (1600 years) in the battle of Sekigahara Shimazu family became a defeated country by being given to the West Army.

The Satsuma clan 2nd generation lord “Shimadzu Tadatsune” until the former castle as “inner castle”, Keicho 5th year (1600), in the battle of Sekigahara Shimazu family became a defeated country by being subordinate to the West Army. Along with this, it is necessary to strengthen the defense, “Tsurumaru castle” was refurbished, and it is seeing completion in the year of Keicho 9th year (1604).


However, Tokugawa Ieyasu does not conquer Shimazu at the southernmost tip of Kyushu, eventually Tsurumaru castle will not be used for battle, Shimazu family will also leave his family name as non-Tokugawa Daimyo. At the end of the Tokugawa period, the British fleet invaded the Kinkou Bay as a retaliation of the “Richardson Affair” and the “Satsuei war” broke out. Tsurumaru castle was a simple building and was not a target of the British fleet because there were no high-rise buildings.

鶴丸城:関ヶ原の戦いに敗れた島津義久・義弘の薩摩藩の城 鶴丸城(鹿児島城)【お城特集 日本の歴史】

On the other hand, the damage in the urban area was enormous, at this time the Satsuma clan again realized the expulsion of foreigners, and rapidly narrowed the distance with the UK. It is said that it is not an exaggeration to say that he won the Boshin war with the boost from the British. Tsurumaru castle disappeared in the year of Meiji 7th and thereafter it was not rebuilt.


島津の陣風 義久の深謀、義弘の胆力


There are not too many remains at present such as Stonewall, Dry moat, and Watchtower. At the Inner citadel, “Kagoshima Prefectural Historical Data Center”, Outer citadel ruins “Kagoshima Prefectural Library”, “Kagoshima City Art Museum” “Kagoshima Prefectural Museum” etc. are built. Tsurumaru castle is designated as the 97th out of 100th Grand Castle in Japan.

Shiroyama Towm, Kagoshima city, Kagoshima prefecture 892-0853 7


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