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玖島城:大村喜前(大村純忠の嫡男)が築城した大村藩2万7千石の居城 玖島城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Kushima Castle
Omura clan where Omura Yoshisaki (the heir of Omura Sumitada) built The castle of Kushima for 27 thousand Jewels.

Kushima Castle (Omura Castle) is a residence of Omura who was in Omura city, Nagasaki prefecture. The way of reading is called “Kushima Jyou”. Omura was the founder of “Fujiwara Nosumitomo”, and since the Kamakura period he has served the Omura region as a clan of this place.

Omura Yoshiaki (Omura Yoshiaki) who was the feudal lord in Tensho Era 15th year (1587), participated in the Hideyoshi army at the time of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s conquest of Kyushu and was recognized as the owner of the territory. Yoshisaki was a Christian lord, but succumbed to the pressure of Hideyoshi and converted.

玖島城:大村喜前(大村純忠の嫡男)が築城した大村藩2万7千石の居城 玖島城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Keicho 3rd year (1598), After the death of Hideyoshi, Omura set out to build a castle “Kushima Castle” in preparation for the political instability of the people. This castle was flatland mountain castle which was built in the peninsula constructed in Omura Bay and the watchtower was not built. In the fourth year of Keicho (1599), the castle was completed, and Yoshisaki moved castle to Kushima castle from Miki castle.

During the Keicho 19th year (1614), the castle was expanded and renovated by Sumiyori Omura, and it is said that he received design guidance from “Kato Kiyomasa” at this time. Having received guidance from that Kiyomasa Kato, you can still see the stone wall with its beautiful fan slope.

玖島城:大村喜前(大村純忠の嫡男)が築城した大村藩2万7千石の居城 玖島城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

The Omura family continued until the Meiji Restoration as the Omura clan “27,000 stones” as well as the Edo period, and Kushima Castle played the role of the clan headquarters of the Omura clan. In Meiji Era 4th year (1871), Kushima Castle became abandoned and the building was destroyed. However, in the Meiji era (1884), the Omura shrine that enshrined Omura’s castle owner at Inner citadel was established.

Stone wall exists in Kushima Castle, and in Heisei 4th year (1992), the wooden stage was rebuilt. Inner citadel ruins are inside the precincts of Omura Shrine, and there is a statue of “Omura Yoshisaki” which was a virtue monument of the builder “Omura Sumihiro” and the last lord. Also, in Heisei 4th year (1992) the board barrel was rebuilt.

Currently it is maintained as Omura Park.

〒856-0834 Nagasaki Prefecture Omura city Kushima 1


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