Karasuyama Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

烏山城:那須資晴が改易後に「のぼうの城」で有名な成田氏が入封した烏山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Karasuyama Castle
Known from the novel “The Floating Castle”, Narita took control of this castle after Sukeharu Nasu’s status was taken away

Karasuyama Castle was ruled by Nasu clan for generations; most notably Yoichi Nasu in war of Genpei. In Sengoku era, it also stopped attacks from Masamune Date and Yoshishige Satake.

In 1590, Hideyoshi Toyotomi set out an expedition against Hojo clan and Ujinaga Narita, head of Narita clan, was ordered by Hojo clan to move to Odawara Castle. Nagachika Narita became in-charge in result of these events.

烏山城:那須資晴が改易後に「のぼうの城」で有名な成田氏が入封した烏山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Hideyoshi gave Mitsunari Ishida 20,000 troops to attack the castle, but the siege was unsuccessful. Nagachika Narita protected the castle with just 500 soldiers and 2,500 peasants.

Not only they defended well against Mitsunari’s water supply attack, but they caught the enemies off guard by letting them breach the levee. In the end, Ushimasa and Ujiteru Hojo surrendered to Hideyoshi, along with Odawara Castle

Oshi Castle was the only castle that did not fall under the control of Hojo clan and its affiliates. After surrendering to Hideyoshi, Ujinaga Narita was handed over to Ujisato Gamo in Aizu and successfully came back to power with 20,000 goku, along with Karasuyama Castle.

烏山城:那須資晴が改易後に「のぼうの城」で有名な成田氏が入封した烏山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Unfortunately, Narita clan was not able to maintain its social status as a lord after fight for successors broke out. Nagachika Narita, who commanded the siege in Oshi Castle, became a ronin and lived in Owari quietly after.

Their first son became a samurai in Owari and it is believed as the reason why Nagachika went to Owari as well.

※Oshi Castle, which Nagachika Narita defended (The Floating Castle)

1-5-32 Chuou Nasu Karasuyama-shi, Tochigi


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