Tate Castle [Castle special collection Japanese history]

館城/アクセス・場所・地図 函館戦争直前に松前藩が築城した城で旧幕府軍に攻撃された館城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Tate Castle

Tate Castle was built and owned by the Matsumae clan. Its location was at today’s Assabu-cho. In 1868, right before the war of Hokkaido, the Matsumae clan constructed this castle to relocate from Matsumae Casle, or Fukuyama Castle. One of the major reasons for this relocation include that Matsumae Castle was by the shore and could get easily bombed by western-style navy ships.

館城/アクセス・場所・地図 函館戦争直前に松前藩が築城した城で旧幕府軍に攻撃された館城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Another reason was to explore the possibility for financial prosperity by developing the
inlands since The Matsumae clan was heavily dependeded on the profits from seafoods.
In the same year, the formar Bakufu force led by Takeaki Emoto launched an attack against the Matsumae clan, who supported the new government force. Matsumae Casle has been taken within a few days due to the relentless attacks by Denshu-tai, led by Kesuke Otori, and Shinsen-gumi, led by Toshizo Hijikata along with cannon attack from the ocean.

館城/アクセス・場所・地図 函館戦争直前に松前藩が築城した城で旧幕府軍に攻撃された館城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

While Matsumae Castle was under the attack, Lord Matsumae escaped to Tate Castle for better chance of defending. The formar Bakufu force then decided to attack Tate Castle so that they can defeat the Matsumae clan completely, and sent a troop of 200 soldiers, called as Ichiren-tai, led by Shirojiro Matsuoka.

Lord had escaped with a large number of body guards to the west aroud Esashi-cho by the time Tate Castle was trooped. Since there were only about 60 soldiers left at Tate Castle, it only took several hours for Ichirentai to concquer.

The fort was burned down due to the battle. Today we can only find someIt is only a stone stele and a signs near the moat that we can find at the ruin.

Shirooka Assabu-cho Hiyama-gun, Hokkaido 043-1100


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