Akutagawa castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

芥川山城:信長時代の前に畿内を制圧していた三好長慶の居城 芥川山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Akutagawa Castle
The castle of Akutagawa Yamashiro of Miyoshi Nagayoshi that had been suppressing Kinai before the Nobunaga period.

Akutagawa is a mountain castle in the Sengoku period that was in Takatsuki city, Osaka Prefecture. Before Oda Nobunaga adopted “Ashikaga Yoshiaki” and proceeded toward capital, Miyoshi Nagayoshi, who was able to take over in Kinai, was the base.

In the era of Eishou, Muromachi Shogunate’s administration, Nose under Hosokawa Takakuni is supposed to start with a fort built as a preparation for the West and Northern Samurai, but it is said that the full-fledged mountain became castle when Miyoshi Nagayoshi, who attacked from Awa in the 22nd year of Tenmon (1553), entered with the administration Hosokawa Harumoto.

芥川山城:信長時代の前に畿内を制圧していた三好長慶の居城 芥川山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

It was said that it was a magnificent construction that skillfully utilizes the terrain which was used skillfully, built the soil bridge, the foundation and the stone wall everywhere, the main on the summit, the major gate on the front. Later, Choukei expelled Hosokawa Harumoto and dominated the Kinai area and made this place base until Eiroku 3rd year (1560) when he moved to Iimori Castle in Kawachi. After Choukei, the legitimate “Miyoshi Yoshioki” will be the castle owner, but will die in Eiroku 6th year (1563). Then Choukei will die as well as after Yoshioki.

Afterwards, “Miyoshi Nagareba” one of the three Miyoshi stayed as a castle owner of Akutagawa mountain castle. However, by Oda Nobunaga’s settlement in progress campaign of Eiroku 11th year (1568), caused the Miyoshi family to be expelled, the next year when Wada Koremasa was appointed as a castle owner, Koremasa moved to Takatsuki Castle, and Akutagawa mountain castle was regarded as an abandoned castle.

芥川山城:信長時代の前に畿内を制圧していた三好長慶の居城 芥川山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Currently there are only traces of stonewall and Inner citadel traces left, the summary of which can only be confirmed in the topography.

Futakatsuki city field Osaka


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