Kawashima Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

川島城:三好実休の重臣篠原長房が讒言により討伐され軍功があった川島惟忠が築いた川島城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

[Castle name]
Kawashima Castle (Uezakura Castle)
a castle built by Koretada Kawashima who was honored for his effort in defeating Nagafusa Fujiwara

Kawashima Castle (Uezakura Castle) was located in Kawashima-cho Yoshinogawa-shi, Tokushima. It was originally owned by Nagafusa Shinohara who served for Jikkyu Miyoshi, brother of Nagayoshi Miyoshi.

Nagafusa Fujiwara led the Awa and Sanuki forces to Kinki areas to conquer and supported the Miyoshi administrative. Upon the death of his master, Jikkyu Miyoshi, Nagafusa was besieged by Jikkyu’s son, Nagaharu Miyoshi, Nagayasu Sogo, and Saneyuki Hosokawa and committed suicide.

Nagafusa was convicted because of Jiton Fujiwara’s deceptions. After Nagafusa passed away, Uezakura Castle was destroyed, and a new castle called Kawashima Castle was built by Koretada Kawashima who was rewarded for his contribution on defeating Nagafusa.

川島城:三好実休の重臣篠原長房が讒言により討伐され軍功があった川島惟忠が築いた川島城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Iemasa Hachisuka was given Awa as a reward for conquering Shikoku by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. As Ikkoku Ichijo Regulation (Law of One Castle per Province) was enacted, Kawashima Castle was abandoned. The Tokushima Han built an administrative office at the exact site, and it was in operation until Meiji era.

Kawashima Castle we can see today is an imitation for the tourism purpose.

136-1 Kawashima Kawashima-cho Yoshinogawa-shi, Tokushima 779-3301


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