Ogaki Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

大垣城:美濃三人衆氏家卜全の居城にて関ヶ原の戦いでは西軍(石田三成)の拠点となった大垣城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Ogaki Castle
The Daimyo Castle residence of Mino Triumvirate Ujiie Bokuzen which became the base of the Western camp (Mitsunari Ishida) in the Battle of Sekigahara, Ogaki Castle

The history of Ogaki Castle was old, and it was not clear who built the castle, but the Ogaki Castle was destroyed by the invasion of 「Oda Nobuhide」, the father of 「Nobunaga Oda」 in the Sengoku period, and after that, the family of the Oda family protected the castle, but after Nobuhide died suddenly, 「Nobunaga Oda」 who succeeded to the castle after the sudden death of Nobuhide, could not gain trust from many senior vassals.

大垣城:美濃三人衆氏家卜全の居城にて関ヶ原の戦いでは西軍(石田三成)の拠点となった大垣城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

In the same course, Ogaki Castle was once again ruled by the Saito clan as Lord of Mino Province. By the time Saito Dosan ruled Mino Province, 「Takenokoshi clan」 and 「Bokuzen Ujiie」, one of the three Mino Triumvirate, became the lords of the castle. When Saito Dosan was killed by his legitimate son Yoshitatsu, Nobunaga swiftly sent military to capture Mino. However, the defense by the Mino crowd was solid and could not bring down Inabayama Castle.

Nobunaga had a turning point when Yoshitatsu died young, and after Yoshitatsu died, the head of the Saito family 「Saito Tatsuoki」 succeeded, but he did not gain the trust of his senior vassal. The 「Mino Triumvirate」 feeling unease from the situation in Mino Province, decided to defer to Oda Nobunaga. With this, Nobunaga kicked Tatsuoki out of Mino and acquired Mino, which led him to become a great feudal lord who controls the two provinces of Owari and Mino.

大垣城:美濃三人衆氏家卜全の居城にて関ヶ原の戦いでは西軍(石田三成)の拠点となった大垣城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

On the other hand, with the transition of the Oda government, Toyotomi government, and the Tokugawa government, the castle lord changed rapidly, and the lords of the Ogaki Castle changed starting with 「Bokuzen Ujiie」, 「Ikeda Tsuneoki」, 「Hitotsuyanagi Naosue」, 「Ito Sukemori」, 「Ishikawa Yasumichi」 is how it changed from the lords of the castle. And then, going through「Okabe clan」and 「Matsudaira clan」, 「Toda Ujikane」 of the Toda clan who entered in the territory last, welcomed the Meiji Restoration as 100,000 koku of the Oogaki domain throughout the Edo period.

大垣城:美濃三人衆氏家卜全の居城にて関ヶ原の戦いでは西軍(石田三成)の拠点となった大垣城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

The Ogaki Domain at the end of the Edo period began to use modern weapons as a part of the new government army. In the early Meiji period, “Haijo Rei” the abolition of the castles was declared nationwide, and the Ogaki Castle was demolished. The 「Castle Tower (4-layers, 4-storey) 」 and 「Inui-Yagura turret」 were restored by reinforced concrete in the early modern period, and the main citadel, outer citadel are being established as「Ogaki Park」. Historical records related to 「The Battle of Sekigahara」 are displayed on the Reconstructed Castle Tower.

*The statue of Toda Ujikane, the first lord of Ogaki Domain, is built in Ogaki Castle.

2-52, Ogaki City Kuruwamachi, Gifu 503 – 0887


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