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Akō Castle
The castle Akō Castle of Asano Takumi no Kami (Naganori Asano), famous for the raid on Kira’s residence by Ako Roshi (Naganori Asano)

Akō Castle served as a branch domain of the Ikeda family in Himeji Domain for generations. In the 2nd year of Shouhou Era (1645), during the lord of Ako Domain, “Teruoki Ikeda” time, renovations will be carried out due to feudal lord madness. During the Edo period, a succession of disembowelment and disinheritance were successively imposed on the lord of the domain due to feudal lord’s madness and insanity. After that, “Asano family” entered the ruins of the Ikeda family. Ako Asano family is a branch of the Asano family of the Hiroshima Domain.

赤穂城:赤穂浪士による吉良邸討ち入りで有名な浅野内匠頭(浅野長矩)の居城 赤穂城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

*Akō Castle Otemon (Front Castle Gate)
赤穂城:赤穂浪士による吉良邸討ち入りで有名な浅野内匠頭(浅野長矩)の居城 赤穂城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Incidentally, the stone height is estimated to be 53,000 koku. In Genroku 14th year, the third family head of the Ako Domain, Naganori Asano, was known as “Kira Kozuke no suke” in the corridor of the Edo-jo Castle pine. As a result of this, the Asano family was deprived of power, and 47 retainers of the Ako clan will subsequently decide to “Kill residence of Kira” (Forty-Seven Ronin) n order to avenge the lord’s death.

赤穂城:赤穂浪士による吉良邸討ち入りで有名な浅野内匠頭(浅野長矩)の居城 赤穂城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Kira Kozuke no Suke was killed by the Ako Roshi, and his head was exposed to the front of the grave of his lord, Asano no Takumi no kami (the head of the Asano clan) (Sengakuji), followed by the Ako clan and the Mori family after the dismissal of the Asano family, and the Mori family welcomed the Meiji Restoration during its rule. The renovation of Akō Castle was carried out at the time of the first generation head “Naganao” of the Asano family, the Castle Tower stand was built, but the Castle Tower was not built due to not getting permission from the Shogunate.

At present, the main citadel Otemon and major corner yagura were reconstructed, and Honmaru Park was built at the site of the main citadel, and Akō Castle is selected as the 60th famous castle of Japan’s one hundredth (100) famous Castles.

*The site of Kuranosuke Oishi, chief retainer of Asano family
赤穂城:赤穂浪士による吉良邸討ち入りで有名な浅野内匠頭(浅野長矩)の居城 赤穂城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

■ The Sengakuji is located in Minato Ward, Tokyo, where 47 people are sleeping, including Asano Takumi no kami (head chamberlain of Asano).

■ Where is the site of Kirako Ueno Suke no Eki (the residence of Kira Kozuke Suke) at the time of revenge?

■ What is the castle or territory of Kira Kozuke no Suke (Assistant Governor of Kozuke Province), or the territory and the height of stone?

Former castle in Kamikariya, Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture


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