Kasama Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

笠間城:北条征伐では北条方へ組みし笠間氏は滅亡 牧野貞通から牧野氏が幕末まで治めた笠間城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Kasama Castle
The Kasama Clan collapsed during Hojo Conquest, starting from Makino Sadamichi, the Makino clan ruled until the end of the Tokugawa era, Kasama Castle

The Kasama Castle, located in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, began when a family of the Utsunomiya clan in Shimotsuke Province entered into the castle and named himself the Kasama clan. Since the Kamakura period they’ve ruled this land, during the reign of the fifth head of the family, 「Yasutomo」, they were attacked by a fellow noble family Satake clan from same Hitachi Province, at the end of defending the siege battle, they barely escaped danger.

After that, the Kasama clan survived the Sengoku period (period of warring states), and during the reign of the eighteenth family head, 「Tsunaie」, took part in the Hojo expedition (conquest of Odawara) by Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s calling. Although Tsunaie’s main house 「Utsunomiya clan」 belonged to the Toyotomi family, but because he sided with the Hojo clan, after the battle of Odawara, he was attacked by the Utsunomiya clan and surrendered the castle. For this reason, it became a castle to be ruled by the Utsunomiya clan at one time.

笠間城:北条征伐では北条方へ組みし笠間氏は滅亡 牧野貞通から牧野氏が幕末まで治めた笠間城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

When the Gamō clan of Aizu was forcefully transferred to Utsunomiya, the family’s 「Gamō Satonari」 was appointed as lord of Kasama Castle, and it is said that large construction and repairs were done at this time. After the Battle of Sekigahara, which broke out in the 5th Year of Keicho Era (1600), the Matsudaira clan entered into the castle, and then the lords of the castle changed rapidly.

笠間城:北条征伐では北条方へ組みし笠間氏は滅亡 牧野貞通から牧野氏が幕末まで治めた笠間城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

The Ogasawara clan (Change of rank), the Matsudaira clan, the Nagai clan, the Asano clan, the Inoue clan, the Honjo clan, the Inoue clan and the lord of the castle were replaced, and after 「Makino Sadamichi」 was appointed as the lord of the castle, the Nouji clan owned this area throughout the 8 generations.

During the Boshin War during the late Edo period, it is said that the head of the family, 「Echigo-Nagaoka Domain」 joined the alliance of the Ōuetsu Reppan Dōmei, and the head retainer, it is said that 「Kawai Tsuginosuke」 did not gather each branch family together to share their fate with them, but proposed that each proceed down its own path.

笠間城:北条征伐では北条方へ組みし笠間氏は滅亡 牧野貞通から牧野氏が幕末まで治めた笠間城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

The Kasama Makino family had successfully carried out the restoration of the new government army in the Meiji period, and by the decree of the Haijou Rei in the Meiji period, Kasama Castle was demolished, but the site was established as Sashirosanroku Park, and at present, remains such as stone walls and moat still remains.

3616 Kasama City Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture, 309 – 1611


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