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Gujo Hachiman Castle
During the Sengoku period it was owned by Yoshitaka Endo, and it was the base castle for the Aoyamas. Gujo Hachiman Castle

In 1559 Morikazu Endo built a castle on mount Hachiman, and this was the beginning of Gujo Hachiman Castle. After that his oldest son, Yoshitaka Endo, became the owner of the castle, however, he was exiled by Hideyoshi Hashiba since he belonged to Nobutaka Oda.

郡上八幡城:戦国期は遠藤慶隆が城主であり幕末時は青山家の居城 郡上八幡城【日本の歴史 お城特集】

Yoshitaka became the owner again after winning the battle of Sekigahara, but during the Edo period the owner continued to change and by the end of the Edo period, the owner was the Aoyamas and it enters the Meiji Restoration period.

郡上八幡城:戦国期は遠藤慶隆が城主であり幕末時は青山家の居城 郡上八幡城【日本の歴史 お城特集】

The country became in favor of the new government’s forces after the battle of Aizu that occurred after Taisei Hokan (transfer of power back to the Emperor), and from a feudal retainer that was in Edo, formed Gujohan Ryosotai and fought at the Battle of Aizu as former shogunate forces.

郡上八幡城:戦国期は遠藤慶隆が城主であり幕末時は青山家の居城 郡上八幡城【日本の歴史 お城特集】

Gujohan Ryosotai even fought in the Battle of Aizu Ryojo then surrendered, and after the surrender of the castle they were returned to their base, Gujo Hachiman, where they were imprisoned.

Gujo Hachiman Castle was rebuilt as an imitation castle tower in 1933, and it was built using wood which is rare. The inside is being used as the historical document museum. The view and scenery from the castle tower are beautiful especially since it is a small castle tower.

Ichi no Taira 659, Yanagimachi, Hachimancho, Gujo-shi,Gifu 501-4214


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