Chiba Castle (Inohana Castle)[The feature on the castles; Japanese history]

千葉城(亥鼻城):千葉常胤が源頼朝の挙兵に呼応 戦国時代初期まで栄えた千葉氏の居城 千葉城 【日本の歴史 お城特集】

[Castle name]
Chiba Castle (Inohana Castle)
Tsunetane Chiba joined Minamoto no Yoritomo when he rose an army. Chiba castle was flourished until the beginning of the Sengoku period.

When Minamoto no Yoritomo rose an army to overthrow Heike, Tsunetane Chiba joined his army and at one point it was flourished in Shimousa no Kuni.

千葉城(亥鼻城):千葉常胤が源頼朝の挙兵に呼応 戦国時代初期まで栄えた千葉氏の居城 千葉城 【日本の歴史 お城特集】

In general Chiba-shi’s (Chiba clan) Castle is called Inohana Castle or Chiba Castle. Chiba Castle was Chiba-shi’s base castle until he moved his base to Motosakura Castle.

In addition it is said that Satomi-shi (Satomi clan) built it to put more pressure on Motosakura Castle which was the base of Chiba-shi during the Sengoku period. Chiba-shi started to decline after getting more pressure from Kazusano-kuni’s Satomi-shi at the beginning of the Sengoku period.

千葉城(亥鼻城):千葉常胤が源頼朝の挙兵に呼応 戦国時代初期まで栄えた千葉氏の居城 千葉城 【日本の歴史 お城特集】

The picture shows the castle surrounded by many cherry blossom trees, so many that the cherry blossom festival is held every year. (Imitation castle tower: Chiba City Folk Museum )

1-6-1 Inohana, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 260-0856


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