Gifu-jo Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

岐阜城:織田信長が天下布武の足がかりにした美濃の岐阜城(旧名:稲葉山城)前編【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Gifu-jo Castle (former name : Inabayama-jo Castle)
Gifu-jo Castle in Mino Province (former name : Inabayama-jo Castle), which Nobunaga ODA made to be a foothold for the whole country.

Gifu-jo Castle is a mountain castle located on Mt. Kinkazan in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, where the current Kinkazayama was called Inokuchi Inabayama, Mino Province, and it was newly constructed by renovating the territory of Inabayama-jo Castle, which Nobunaga ODA seized from Saito Tatsuoki (grandson of Saito Dosan).

In 1201, the government of Nikaido built a fort on Mt. Inaiba, and then the daughter of the government, the Son-in-law SATO, became the lord of the castle, and the younger brother of Iga Mitsumune Gwangjong of Goryeo, Mitsusuke INABA, became the castella, and after that, the castle became a castle, and the Shugodai [Saito Toshinaga], a shugodai (deputy military governor) of Mino Province, repaired the castle in the middle of the 1500 s.

岐阜城:織田信長が天下布武の足がかりにした美濃の岐阜城(旧名:稲葉山城)前編【お城特集 日本の歴史】

In 1525, Ujiie NAGAI, a vassal of the Saito clan, and “Chozaemon NAGAI no jo” (New Lieutenant of the Left Division of Outer Palace Guards) raised a rebellion and attacked Inabayama-jo Castle, and after the death of the New Saemon no jo (third ranked officer of the Left Division of Outer Palace Guards), the son “Nagai Shinkuro Norihide (Saito Dosan)” succeeded to the throne and became the lord of the castle, after the death of the new Saemon no jo (the third ranked officer of the Left Division of Outer Palace Guards), the fifth Hiroshi Cho (). 9.

* There are various theories.

In 1539, Saito Dosan began to build a full-scale mountain fortress on Mt. Otabayama, and after a few years, he expelled Toki Yorinari, a Shugo (provincial constable) of Mino Province, and in 1554, he named’ Saito Yoshitatsu,’ the head of the family,’,’ who was the head of the family ; however, Road 3 was defeated by his legitimate child, Yoshitatsu, in “Battle of Nagara,” and he died in “Battle of Nagara River” by his legitimate child, Yoshitatsu, in. 8 23 3.

* In general, it is said that he killed Road 3 because his father was’ Toki Yorinari.’.

After that, due to the sudden death of Yoshitatsu, Saito Tatsuoki took over as the head of the family at the age of 13, and in February 1564, “Takenaka Shigeharu (Takenaka Hanbee),” who was a vassal of the Saito clan, rebelled against Ryuoki, and he attacked the castle and attacked Inayama-jo Castle, and he, who had no lack of ambition, returned the castle to Ryuko, which led to the repentance of the castle, which he had not no ambition for about half a year about half a year ago, because the Emperor, who had been a vassal of the Saito clan, returned to Ryuoki Castle for about half a year, which encouraged him to revisit the castle in order to encourage the Emperor Ando Morinari. 7.

岐阜城:織田信長が天下布武の足がかりにした美濃の岐阜城(旧名:稲葉山城)前編【お城特集 日本の歴史】

In September 1567, Nobunaga ODA, who had been aiming for the invasion of Mino Province, succeeded in capturing Inabayama-jo Castle by the internal stress of’ Nishimino 3 ninshu (ininaba, Ando Morinari, Ujiie UJIIE)’ in the “Nishimino ninshu shu.” 10.

On the other hand, Ryuoki fled to Ise Nagashima, and in the future, he began to resist Nobunaga, and he later died of a battle with his vassal when Nobunaga attacked Echizen-Asakura, Nobunaga moved to Mount Komaki Castle when he dropped Inabayama-jo Castle, and in ancient, he changed the names of the names of the castle and town by changing the name of’ Gifu’ to’ Gifu.’ King Wen of Zhou.

From around this time, Nobunaga began to use “Tenin” (a seal) of “Tenbu Fubu” (literally, “great faith in the whole country”), and began to aim for the unification of the whole country in earnest.

*Image of Nobunaga ODA in front of Gifu Station

*Gifu Castle is designated as Japan’s one hundredth best castle, 39.

[Access, access]
18 Tenshukaku Tenshukaku, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture 500 – 0000 Gifu Prefecture


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