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久保田城:初代秋田藩主佐竹義宣の居城 新緑に囲まれた久保田城 【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Kubota Castle
Kubota castle was a castle owned by Yoshinobu Satake, the first generation lord of Akita domain.

Kubota castle was a castle located in current Akita-shi, Akita prefecture. It was a residence of Kubota domains Satake-shi, and it was also called Yadomi castle or Kuzune castle.

久保田城:初代秋田藩主佐竹義宣の居城 新緑に囲まれた久保田城 【お城特集 日本の歴史】

In 1602, Yoshinobu Satake, Kubota-domain’s first lord, became the owner of Minato castle that was a residence of Akita-shi. But Minato castle was a flat castle and it was not suited for protection, and it was also too small for Satake-shi who had 540 thousand Koku worth of vassals.This led him to build Kubota castle.

During Sengoku period it was a territory of Miura-shi (Kawajiri-shi) who was under Ando-shi (Akita-shi), and as a Ujigami (a guardian god or spirit of a particular place in the Shinto religion), they made an offering to Sosha Daimyojin, Shinmeigu, and Bekkan Setsumatsusha. Miura-shi’s castle was called Yadomeno Castle, and it was also the origin of Kubota castle’s another name.

久保田城:初代秋田藩主佐竹義宣の居城 新緑に囲まれた久保田城 【お城特集 日本の歴史】

During the late Edo period, it was often written as Akita castle on official documents, but another castle called Akita castle existed during Nara and Heian period, so in recent years it is most commonly known as Kubota castIe.

Kubota castle was a flat mountain castle that was built on mount Shinmei, and only a small amount of stone walls existed, even without a castle tower.

It is said that the stone walls were not built because of Bakufu, but it is also said that the style of using no stone walls was fairly common in the eastern side of the country at that time so there was no expert in building stone walls.

Where Kubota castle’s Honmaru existed is now a park called Senshu Park, and there are Akita prefecture hall, Akita central library, and Akita museum of art in the area.

※The picture shows current Kumamoto castle, the 9th castle of Japan’s 100 famous castles.

1 Senshu Koen, Akita-shi, Akita 010-0876


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