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勝竜寺城:山城国長岡にある細川藤孝の居城 勝竜寺城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

[Castle name]
Shoryuji Castle
Shoryuji castle was located in Nagaoka in Yamashiro no Kuni, and was owned by Fujitaka Hosokawa.

Shoryuji castle was a castle located in current Shoryuji, Nagaokoa-shi in Kyoto. It existed from Nambokucho period to the beginning of Edo period, and the name was derived from Shoryuji temple that was located nearby. Shoryuji castle was the protection base along with Yamazaki-castle in Kyoto.

When Nobunaga Oda had won at the battle of Kannonji castle, he appointed his vassals, Katsuie Shibata, Yoritaka Hachiya, Yoshinari Mori, and Masahisa Sakai, to attack Shoryuji castle in 1568.

Tomomichi Iwanari also supported the battle, and Oda troops successfully continued to attack and headed about 50 enemies, and brought the heads to Tofukuji temple.

勝竜寺城:山城国長岡にある細川藤孝の居城 勝竜寺城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

On September 29th the next year, Nobunaga appointed all the army forces, including himself, to attack Shoryuji castle. Even though they were ready to fight against them, they eventually surrendered and opened up the castle.

Yoshikata and Yoshiharu Rokkaku were expected to stop the Oda troops from invading, but it is also considered that the fact that Kannonji Castle was destroyed within a day mattered too.

Nobunaga continued to successfully attack Akutagawayama castle, Koshimizu castle, and Takaya castle. In 1571, Fujitaka Hosokawa was given Yamashiro Nishioka region by Nobunaga, and he became the owner of Shoryu castle. It is said that he remodeled the castle and made it stronger with the double moat.

On October 14th in the same year, Fujitaka received a Inbanjo (stamped document) by Nobunaga that stated that the people who live on the west side of Katsura river are to go work on the castle to remodel. Shoryuji castle at that time played an important role as one of Nobunaga’s two large bases along with Kimashi castle.

勝竜寺城:山城国長岡にある細川藤孝の居城 勝竜寺城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Shoryuji castle was also famous for Tadaoki and Garcia Hosokawa couple’s wedding that was held in August 1578.

In 1581, Fujitaka Hosokawa became the owner of Tango Miyazu castle after winning against various battles, and instead Sadakatsu Murai’s vassals, Zenshichiro Yabe and Hyosuke Inoko became the owners. But in 1582, Sadakatsu Murai was killed at the battle of Honnoji, and Shoryuji castle became under Mitsuhide Akechi’s control.

In the same year Mitsuhide came back to Ryushoji temple after running away from the battle of Yamazaki, he was attacked by Hideyoshi Hashiba and was killed while he was on his way to Sakamoto castle from Shoryuji castle. The next day Hideyoshi became the owner of Ryushoji castle after defeating the Akechi troops. On the other hand, Fujitaka moved to Tanabe castle after turning down Mitsuhide’s order to get him more troops, and Garcia was disowned and confined. After that Shoryuji castle’s parts were used for the remodeling of Yodoko castle and was destroyed,

In 1633 during Edo period, Naokiyo Nagai was sent to Nagaoka domain in Yamashiro and attempted to restore Shoryuji castle. But in 1649 when Naokiyo Nagai was transferred to Takatsuki domain in Settsu, the castle was completely demolished. In 1992 Honmaru was restored as Shoryuji castle park and replicated Yagura was constructed.

【Shoryuji Castle・Location・Direction】
13-1 Shoryuji, Nagaokakyo-shi, Kyoto 617-0836


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