Nochise mountain Castle [Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

後瀬山城/アクセス・場所・地図 若狭守護の武田元明の居城 後瀬山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

[Castle name]
Nochise Mountain castle
castle tower of Takeda Motoaki of Wakasa Guardian

In the mountain castle that was in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture, Genso Yamashiro prospered as a residence of Mr. Takeda of Wakasa Guardian.
Because Honmaru was built on the mountaintop, a large-scale lodging (Ujiyakata Takeda) was established at the foot of the mountain where the castle owners lived in peace there.

Takeda of Wakasa guardian continued with “motomitsu” “Nobutoyo” “Yoshimune” “motoaki” until the beginning of the Warring States period, but when Genmei was surrounded, he was attacked from the “Ekizen’s Asakura Yoshikage” and he was taken to Echizen.

後瀬山城/アクセス・場所・地図 若狭守護の武田元明の居城 後瀬山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

When Oda Nobunaga destroys Asakura Yoshikage, “Takeda Motoaki” will be the nobunaga’s vassal, but Wakasa country which was the primary did not return.
Nobunaga’s Deputy Minister “Niwa Nagahide” was appointed to the Nochise Mountain castle owner and endeavored to expand and improve the castle. When Nobunaga was battled by Akechi Mitsuhide at Tensho Tenji (1582) Honnoji Temple, Masaaki joined Mt. Mitsuhide and also attacked Sawayama Castle.

後瀬山城/アクセス・場所・地図 若狭守護の武田元明の居城 後瀬山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Hashiba Hideyoshi returned to the center by “returning to China” and Mitsuhide was destroyed with the Akechi family when Nobunagu was avenged at Nobunaga’s fighting battle. When Hideyoshi gets control of the heavens, “Asano Nagamasa” and “Kinoshita Katsutoshi” were appointed to the castle of the mountain. When the Tokugawa Ieyasu won the battle of Sekigahara during Keicho 5 (1600), Wakasa Ikkoku was given to “Kyogoku Kouji”.

後瀬山城/アクセス・場所・地図 若狭守護の武田元明の居城 後瀬山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Kouji initially enters “Nochise Mountain Castle”, but later he asked Ieyasu to start building the “Obama castle”. However, it took quite a long time until the castle was completed, still based on “Nochise Mountain castle.”

後瀬山城/アクセス・場所・地図 若狭守護の武田元明の居城 後瀬山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

The completion of Obama castle is in the era of Mr. Sakai. However, after the completion of Obama castle, Nochise Mountain castle remained as it was without being destroyed. The reason why it was not destroyed is that it was said that there was an idea to use Nochise Mountain castle at the summit as a fort during emergencies.

後瀬山城/アクセス・場所・地図 若狭守護の武田元明の居城 後瀬山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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