Kotsukuri Castle [Castle special collection Japanese history]

木造城/アクセス・地図・場所 織田信長の伊勢侵攻の際に寝返った木造具政の居城 木造城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

[Castle Name]
Kotsukuri Castle

[Introduction of Kotsukuri Castle]

Kotsukuri Castle is a flatland castle which located in Kotsukuri Town, Tsu City, Mie Province. Sadaharu 5 year (1366), a family of Ise Kokusi Mr. Kitabatake [Kotsukuri Akitoshi] built the castle.

木造城/アクセス・地図・場所 織田信長の伊勢侵攻の際に寝返った木造具政の居城 木造城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Akitoshi was the second son of [Kitabatake Akiyoshi], he built the castle named it as Kotsukuri. In addition, the leader, who was the ninth generation of [Kotsukuri Tomomasa] was the third son of Kitabatake Harutomo, who was adopted by Mr. Kotsukuri, and the intimacy with Kitabatake’s family was increased.

木造城/アクセス・地図・場所 織田信長の伊勢侵攻の際に寝返った木造具政の居城 木造城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Eiroku 12 year (1569), after Oda Nobunaga embarked on the Ise Invasion army, Tomomasa followed Nobunaga and served as a guide of the invasion of South Ise. Meanwhile, Kitabatake adopted [Nobuo], the second son of Nobunaga.

During Tenpo 12 year (1584) when Toyotomi Hideyoshi dominated the country, Gamo Ujisato received 120,000 stones from South Ise, and [kotsukuri Tomoyasu] refused to serve Ujisato and fought against him. Being outnumbered, Tomoyasu was surrounded by the castle and in the end of the fierce battle, he fell down to Owari.

木造城/アクセス・地図・場所 織田信長の伊勢侵攻の際に寝返った木造具政の居城 木造城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Therefore, Kotsukuri Castle was abandoned. Incidentally, it is said that Tomoyasu went to serve [Fukushima Masanori]. Nowadays, Only the soil base and stone monument left at Kotsukuri Castle ruins.

[Kotsukuri Castle•Address•Access]
〒514-1115 1059 Kotsukuri Town, Tsu City, Mie Province

[Map of Kotsukuri Castle]

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