Obama Castle (Awa)[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

小浜城(安房):万喜城の支城として土岐頼定が築かせた安房小浜城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Obama Castle (Awa)
a castle built by Yorisada Toki as a mean to support Mangi Castle

Awa Obama Castle was located in Ohara Isumi-shi, Chiba. Mino Official Katsusada Yarita, a loyal servant to Yorisada Toki, built and owned this castle on the cliff at Cape Hachiman.

The Toki clan at Mangi Castle used to serve for the Satomi clan, but they betrayed their old master and supported Hojo clan as Hojo clan increased their power in Sagami. On the other hand, Katsusada Yaritaminonokami’s loyalty to Satomi clan continued, and followed Yoshiyasu Satomi to invade Miura in Sagami, Hojo’s territory. While they were away, a former servant to Satomi clan, Yoritada Masaki conquered Obama Castle.

小浜城(安房):万喜城の支城として土岐頼定が築かせた安房小浜城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

As Mino Official Yorita heard the news, he went back to Obama Castle right away and won it back. After the incident, Yoritada Masaki served for Satomi clan once again and continued to serve along with Masaki head clan at Otaki Castle.

Although Yoshiyasu Satomi supported Hideyoshi Toyotomi when attacking Hojo clan, Yoshiyasu’s land in Kazusa was taken away because he acted without following Hideyoshi’s order. Yorisada Toki at Mangi Castle was terminated since he worked for Ujimasa and Ujiteru Hojo.

小浜城(安房):万喜城の支城として土岐頼定が築かせた安房小浜城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

After Hojo clan fell apart, Ieyasu Tokugawa took over control of Hojo’s land. Tadakatsu Honda became the chief of Otaki Castle and began the siege of Boso. Awa Obama Castle fell under the siege and became an abandoned castle.

There is Hachiman Temple at the Honmaru ruin.

10439 Ohara Isumi-shi, Chiba 298-0004


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