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Nijo Castle
National treasure, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Nijo Castle is a flat castle that was built in Nakagyo-ku Kyoto in Edo period.
Nijo Castle has architectures that were built by Ashikaga-shi, Oda-shi, Toyotomi-shi, and Tokugawa-shi, and the current Nijo Castle was built during the Tokugawa period.

Ninomaru Palace is registered as a national treasure, as well as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. What made this castle so famous was Taisei Hokan (transfer of power back to the Emperor) manifested by Yoshinobu Tokugawa towards the end of Tokugawa Shogunate period. Because of this Satsuma clan and Choshu clan lost the legitimate reason to fight the Tokugawa shogunate temporarily. Tokugawa shogunate ended after declaring Taisei Hokan.

※Nijo Castle outer moat
二条城二ノ丸御殿:国宝 ユネスコ世界文化遺産の二条城二の丸御殿(遠侍と車寄)【日本の歴史 お城特集】

二条城二ノ丸御殿:国宝 ユネスコ世界文化遺産の二条城二の丸御殿(遠侍と車寄)【日本の歴史 お城特集】

※Nijo Castle main entrance
二条城二ノ丸御殿:国宝 ユネスコ世界文化遺産の二条城二の丸御殿(遠侍と車寄)【日本の歴史 お城特集】

541 Nijo-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-8301


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