Saga Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

佐賀城:城主が龍造寺政家から鍋島直茂へ移行 明治期には江藤新平の佐賀の乱が勃発【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Saga Castle
The lord of the castle moved to Nabeshima Naoshige, and during the Meiji period the Eto Shimpei Saga War broke out

Saga Castle was originally called Nakamura-jo Castle, and it was a residence of the Ryuzo-ji clan, but after the end of the Sengoku period, the family head became a guardian, and after that, the Nabeshima Naoshige, who had gained a great trust from the wife of Shigetomi and the wife of Ryuzo-ji, seized the power of authority from the Ryuzo-ji clan, and received approval from the Tokugawa shogunate as the head of Hizen 357,000 koku.

佐賀城:城主が龍造寺政家から鍋島直茂へ移行 明治期には江藤新平の佐賀の乱が勃発【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Naoshige and his son Katsushige, who were officially recognized as the head of the shogunate, extended the Saga Castle, and built a wooden shrine even though they were small. However, due to repeated conflagarations, the Castle tower and castle tower palace disappeared. In the Edo era Hizen clan (Saga clan) ruled this land until the end of the Tokugawa period without changing even once. In the Boshin war broke out at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, Hizen soldiers who adopted modern weapons from early times exchanged war with the former shogunate army in various places.

佐賀城:城主が龍造寺政家から鍋島直茂へ移行 明治期には江藤新平の佐賀の乱が勃発【お城特集 日本の歴史】

The’ fertilizer’ of the new government army,’ Satsumacho Dohi’, was the Saga domain, and this Saga Castle was once again on the scene again, when Eto Shimpei defeated the’ Seikanron’ in the government, which had been lifted up after the Meiji Restoration The Saga War was planned to stand up in collaboration with Satsuma of Saigo and Itagaki of Tosa, but at this time, the Satsuma and Tosa clans did not stand up.

*Armstrong cannon that flourished during the Boshin War
佐賀城:城主が龍造寺政家から鍋島直茂へ移行 明治期には江藤新平の佐賀の乱が勃発【お城特集 日本の歴史】

The completely isolated “Eto Shimpei” was defeated by the government army despite his struggle in the first battle, but he continued to flee to Satsuma and Tosa, finally was captured by Toshimichi Oubo and sentenced to death in an extraordinary trial held in Saga. The current Saga Castle has “Honmaru Goten (Honmaru historical view)”, “Tensouchidai”, “Kamon no gate” etc. are left. In addition, Saga Castle has been selected as the “89th famous castle, of Japan’s 100 famous castles.

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2 Jonai, Saga City, Saga Prefecture


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