Shimotsuma Castle (Tagaya Castle)[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

下妻城(多賀谷城)/アクセス・場所・地図 結城氏の臣下で主家を凌ぐ勢力を誇った多賀谷氏の下妻城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

[Castle name]
Shimotsuma castle
where Mr. Yuki’s subordinate betrayed him

Shimotsuma Castle is a flatland castle of Mr. Tagaya, located in Shimotsuma City, Ibaraki Province. It is also called Tagaya Castle.
Kansho 1 year (1455), [Tagaya Ujiie] built the castle in Shimotsuma Town.

下妻城(多賀谷城)/アクセス・場所・地図 結城氏の臣下で主家を凌ぐ勢力を誇った多賀谷氏の下妻城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

After that, he accepted the order from [Ashikaga Shigeuji] to built the influence as the vassal of [Yuki Shigetomo]. After that, he ruled this place for generations, and expanded his influence. The power of Mr. Tagaya was more than Mr. Yuki during the period of [Tagaya Ieshige• Tomotsune].

In addition, they left Mr. Yuki and became independent Daimyo. [Yuki Masatomo] was not happy to see that, and finally he became the enemy with Mr. Tagaya. Mr. Yuki deepened the friendship with Mr. Yamakawa, and Mr. Tagaya fought with Mr. Oda of Tsuchiura Castle.
When Entering Sengoku Period, it went into the confusion of [Uesugi Kensin] [Takeda Shingen] [Hojo Ujiyasu]. Mr. Tagaya followed Hojo Ujiyasu at the beginning and then he followed Uesugi Kensin.

下妻城(多賀谷城)/アクセス・場所・地図 結城氏の臣下で主家を凌ぐ勢力を誇った多賀谷氏の下妻城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Eiroku 4 year (1561), through Uesugi Kensin and Satake Yoshishige, he attacked [Yuki Harutomo] and occupied part of his territory. That time was the height of Mr. Tagaya. During Shigetatsu’s generation, their territories were expanded to 200000 stones.
Tensho 18 year (1590), at the Battle of Odawara, he joined the army of [Toyotomi Hideyoshi] and was relieved of the territory, but since he did not participate in the Battle of Bunroku as he was ill, most of the territories were forfeited and his salary was decreased to 60000 stones.

下妻城(多賀谷城)/アクセス・場所・地図 結城氏の臣下で主家を凌ぐ勢力を誇った多賀谷氏の下妻城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Keicho 5 year (1600), at the Battle of Sekigahara, the relationship with Mr. Satake was deepened, so he acted together with Mr. Sataka and did not in response to Ieyasu’s request to join the battle, therefore, Mr. Tagaya was replaced. After that, he came Satake Yoshinobu’s vassal and moved to Kubota.

下妻城(多賀谷城)/アクセス・場所・地図 結城氏の臣下で主家を凌ぐ勢力を誇った多賀谷氏の下妻城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

When Mr. Tagaya was replaced, Shimotsuma was ruled by Daimyo and finally in Shotoku 2 year (1712), [Inoue Masanaga] became the castle owner at 10000 stones. After that, it was ruled by Mr. Inoue for 14 generations until the end of Shogunate.

〒304-0064 2-50 Honjo Town, Shimotsuma City, Ibaraki Province

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