Takiyama Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

滝山城:北条氏の関東支配の拠点 北条氏照の居城 滝山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

[Castle name]
Takiyama Castle
Hojo’s base of Kanto ruling, Hojo Ujiteru’s castle, Takiyama castle

Takiyama Castle is the medieval castle ruins that existed in Taneki Town, Hachioji city, Tokyo Metropolitan Area. It is said that Yoshinori Uesugi’s in Eishou 18th year (1521), is a chief vassal of Uesugi Yamanouchi, the guardian of the Musashi country built castle and Sadashige Oishi moved from Takatsuki Castle.

Tenmon 15th year (1546), Hojo Ujiyasu destroyed Ougiya Uesugi in the night battle of Kawagoe (battle of Kawagoe Castle) and excludes Uesugi Yamanouchi’s power from Musashi, Ouishi Sadahisa is the third son of Hojo Ujiyasu, in fact, Oishi surrender to Hojo.

滝山城:北条氏の関東支配の拠点 北条氏照の居城 滝山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Hojo carried out a major refurbishment of the castle around Eiroku first year (1558). Eiroku 12th year (1569), Takeda Shingen heading for Odawara attack led a team of 20,000 soldiers to the northern side of Takiyama Castle, and 1 thousand Nobushige Oyamada from another soldier entered from the Kobotoke Pass.

滝山城:北条氏の関東支配の拠点 北条氏照の居城 滝山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

On the other hand, the Hojo intercepted direction, but it was dismissed (Todoroki Battlefield) Taki Yamashiro was brought up to the edge of the outermost region of the castle, but it was driven to the edge of falling castle but it managed to surpass with 2 thousand small army force. According to this battle, Ujiteru was told that the defense of Takiyama Castle was inadequate, and it is said that it became a trigger to build Hachioji castle in the nearby Fukasawa Mountain (present Shiroyama).

It is a natural habit that skillfully utilized complex topography at the confluence of Tamagawa and Akikawa, boasting the largest scale in Kanto. Inner citadel, Middle citadel, Senjojiki ruins etc. remain as the remains. Takiyama Castle is currently “Tokyo Metropolitan Takiyama Park” and is designated as a national historic site.

※Old well in Inner citadel
滝山城:北条氏の関東支配の拠点 北条氏照の居城 滝山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Tangi block, Takatsuki Town, Hachioji city, Tokyo Metropolitan Area


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