Nagoya Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

豊臣秀頼への抑えとして天下普請により築城 御三家徳川義直の名古屋城

[Castle name]
Nagoya Castle
As a suppression to Toyotomi Hidetoshi, imperial construction of the castle on of the top three imperial Tokugawa Yoshinao’s Nagoya castle.

Nagoya Castle was the castle of Imagawa which had originally been up to Owari, and Oda Nobunaga’s father “Nobuhide” attacked and dominated it. At that time, it was wrote as “Nagano Castle” and was pronounced “Nagoya Jyou”. After that, Nobuhide handed down Nagano Castle to “Nobunaga” and it was temporarily governed by Nobunaga Oda as a castle owner.

豊臣秀頼への抑えとして天下普請により築城 御三家徳川義直の名古屋城

Kouji first year (1555), Nobunaga relocated its base to Kiyosu castle, so Nagano Castle was regarded as an abandoned castle. When the Sengoku Era was about to end, Tokugawa Ieyasu built a new castle in the castle town of Nagoyo that was the abandoned castle in order to keep the Osaka’s Hideyori Toyotomi and Yodo family, and the castle belonged to the ninth man “Tokugawa Yoshinoa”.

豊臣秀頼への抑えとして天下普請により築城 御三家徳川義直の名古屋城

The castle built a multipurpose site and castle tower, mainly on temples and small temples, on a large site, built a number of solid castellated gates and completed the premier castle in Japan. After that the Owari Tokugawa family ruled over this place as one of the Tokugawa big house, and the Meiji Restoration is approaching. When entering the Meiji Era, a decree was issued but the Nagoya castle was preserved by the German envoy.

豊臣秀頼への抑えとして天下普請により築城 御三家徳川義直の名古屋城

However, as the Pacific War began, many buildings such as castle tower, Small caste tower, Palace etc. had disappeared. Castle tower is now being rebuilt by reinforced concrete, and others, such as Palace, Watchtower, Inner citadel table outer gate etc. are rebuilt, the present Nagoya Castle is selected as “National Designated Historic Site” ” Castle 44th of 100 Japan National Castle”.

豊臣秀頼への抑えとして天下普請により築城 御三家徳川義直の名古屋城

1-1 Inner citadel Naka ward, Nagoya city, Aichi Prefecture 460-0031


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