Takatsuki Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

高槻城:キリシタン大名で有名な高山右近重友(ジュスト右近)【日本の歴史 お城特集】

[Castle name]
Takatsuki Castle
Castle owned by a famous Christian daimyo, Shigemoto Ukon Takayama (Juste Ukon)

Ukon Takayam was a samurai in Sangoku era who became daimyo. He is known for his Christianity practice. His baptismal name was “Juste” meaning “justice” in Portuguese. Ukon was also into Sado (Japanese tea ceremony). He had another name as a Sado expert, Nambo, and he was one of top seven pupils of Sen no Rikyu (Rikyu Shichitetsu).

高槻城:キリシタン大名で有名な高山右近重友(ジュスト右近)【日本の歴史 お城特集】

Takayama clan was a local wealthy family from Takayamasho Mishima-gun, Settsu (today’s Takayama Toyono-cho Toyono-gun, Osaka). Ukon was born in 1552 to Tomoteru as his first child. In those days, Ikeda clan and Itami clan had been consolidated in Settsu where Takayama clan owned some lands.

Nobunaga Oda led Yoshiaki Ashikaga to become his puppet shogun in 1568, and nominated Koremasa Wada, Yoshiaki Ashikaga’s minister, to rule Takatsuki Castle. He also appointed two other generals, Chikaoki Itami and Katsumasa Ikeda, to defend Settsu.

Soon after Takayama clan started to serve for the chief Koremasa Wada at Takatsuki Castle, Koremasa Wada was murdered by Kiyohide Nakagawa and Murashige Araki from Ikeda clan in 1575. Murashige ended up murdering his master Ikeda clan as well.

高槻城:キリシタン大名で有名な高山右近重友(ジュスト右近)【日本の歴史 お城特集】

Murashige flattered Nobunaga Oda to get a permission to conquer Settsu, and put down Itami clan who supported Nobunaga’s opponent. After the death of Koremasa at Takatsuki Castle, his son, Korenaga took over the title at the age of seventeen with support from uncle, Koremasu Wada.

Korenaga Wada murdered his uncle, Koremasu with no obvious reasons. Misled by other ministers who didn’t get along with Takayama clan, He was also planning to murder Tomoteru and Ukon Takayama. As the Takayama’s discussed their concerns, Murashige Araki promised to support them.

高槻城:キリシタン大名で有名な高山右近重友(ジュスト右近)【日本の歴史 お城特集】

On March, 1573, Korenaga and anti-Takayama ministers intended to murder the Takayama’s. Tomoteru and Ukon successfully counter-attacked their opponents and sent Korenaga away from the castle.

Since Murashige Araki was already given the permission to rule Settsu, the Takayama’s worked for Murashige at Takatsuki Castle. Soon after Tomoteru became the head of Takatsuki Castle, Takatsuki clan worked on renovation for the castle by applying the latest design on stone fences and walls.

When Tomoteru turned fifty, Ukon succeeded to Takatsuki Castle and became the chief of the clan.

Jonai-cho Takatsuki-shi, Osaka 569-0075


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