Sasayama Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

篠山城:西国の抑えとして松平康重が入城し天下普請にて築城された 篠山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

[Castle name]
Sasayama Castle
Yasuige Matsudaira’s castle that was built to bolster infrastructure and protect Saigoku

Sasayama Castle does not have a deep history like others; it was built after battle of Sekigahara and battle of Osaka – summer ended. Iesasu Tokugawa moved Yasuige Matsudaira from Hitachi Kasama Castle to Tanba Yakami Castle to protect Saigoku, and ordered him to build a new castle in Sasayama basin.

篠山藩/場所・アクセス・地図 青山家6万石:青山忠敏 藩論が佐幕・尊皇に割れたが西園寺公望引きいる新政府軍が城下に迫ると恭順した篠山藩【幕末維新写真館】

With Takatora Todo’s design, more than 20 clans were given direct orders from the central government and successfully completed construction in six months.

篠山藩/場所・アクセス・地図 青山家6万石:青山忠敏 藩論が佐幕・尊皇に割れたが西園寺公望引きいる新政府軍が城下に迫ると恭順した篠山藩【幕末維新写真館】

This area was ruled by Matsui-Matsudaira clan, Fujii-Matsudaira clan, Katanohara-Matsudaira clan, and Aoyama clan till the Meiji Restoration. Since it was relatively new castle, it was demolished after Meiji era without any major battles.

篠山藩/場所・アクセス・地図 青山家6万石:青山忠敏 藩論が佐幕・尊皇に割れたが西園寺公望引きいる新政府軍が城下に迫ると恭順した篠山藩【幕末維新写真館】

2-3 Kita Shinmachi, Sasayama-shi, Hyogo 669-2332


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