Shigizan Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

信貴山城/アクセス・場所・地図 織田信長への謀反により松永久秀は籠城・爆死 多門山城と並ぶ名城 信貴山城【日本の歴史 お城特集】

[Castle name]
Shigizan Castle
Hisahide revolted against Nobunaga Oda, barricaded himself and died from explosion – Famous castle along with Tamonyama Castle

Shigizan Castle was a mountain castle in Mount Shigi, along with Mount Ikoma. It used to belong to Nagamasa Kizawa, but after his death in 1559, Hidehide Matsunaga repaired and expanded.

Hisahide Matsunaga used to be the secretary for Nagayoshi Miyoshi, and slowly took Yamato under control. Afterwards, he built Tamonyama Castle to protect southern part of Yamato.

信貴山城/アクセス・場所・地図 織田信長への謀反により松永久秀は籠城・爆死 多門山城と並ぶ名城 信貴山城【日本の歴史 お城特集】

In 1568, Shigizan Castle fell under the hands of Junkei Tsutsui and Mioshi’s trio. But Nobunaga let Hisahide was able to keep the castle by serving Nobunaga, who was making his way towards Kyoto at the time.

信貴山城/アクセス・場所・地図 織田信長への謀反により松永久秀は籠城・爆死 多門山城と並ぶ名城 信貴山城【日本の歴史 お城特集】

Hisahide Matsunaga controlled Yamato for a while, but growing tired of serving Nobunaga Oda, he revolted twice. The first time led to giving up Tamonyama Castle, and the second time led to the fall of Shigizan Castle.

Shingizan Castle become abandoned after the fall.

1308 Shigizan, Heguri-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara, 636-0923


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