Oishi Kuranosuke[Historical photo collection of Japan (bronze statue)]

大石内蔵助:吉良邸(吉良上野介義央)討ち入り大将の赤穂藩筆頭家老大石内蔵助良雄【日本の歴史 写真集(銅像)】

[Photo Title]
Kira mansion Conquest Admiral Ako clan Leader in the lead Oishi Kuranosuke

大石内蔵助:吉良邸(吉良上野介義央)討ち入り大将の赤穂藩筆頭家老大石内蔵助良雄【日本の歴史 写真集(銅像)】

[Oishi Kuranosuke Bronze statue location access]
Takanawa 2-11-1 Minato ward, Tokyo metropolitan area 108-0074

[Oishi Kuronosuke’s bronze map]

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