Tachibana Castle (Tachibana Yamajirou)[Castle feature Japanese history]

立花城(立花山城)/アクセス・場所・地図 大友宗麟の重臣立花道雪と婿養子で名将の誉れ高い宗茂の立花城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

[Castle name]
Tachibana Castle
Takashi Otomo’s vassal Michiyuki Tachibana’s a son-in-law and great commander Takai Muneshige’s Tachibana castle.

Tachibana Castle is a mountain castle located at the top of Tachibana mountain crossing Kuyama Town, Fukuoka Prefecture.
In Gentoku 2nd year (1330), Bungo Guardian’s eldest son “Otomo Sadamune” and second son “Otomo Sadatoshi” built a castle in this area and named after Tachibana surname.

This place was an important place to govern Chikuzen, and a lot of fierce battles happened. In the 14th year of Tensho (1586) in July, Muneshige Tachibana fought from the castle and fought against the army of “Shimazu Tadanaga” who dropped Iwaya Castle of “Shoun Takahashi”.It’s been said that the number of opponents were about 20,000 (for 40,000 in one opinion).

In spite of the poor protection of the castle with the support of the Kyushu Conquering Army of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, he protected the castle and quickly snatched the lost land. After Hideyoshi ‘s conquest of Kyushu, he became an immediate vice of the Toyotomi family and was transferred to Yanagawa Castle.

After relocation of Muneshige, “Kobayakawa Takakage” entered Tachibana Castle but it could not function as a base for distribution and economy, so newly established “Najima Castle” as a base was formed. After that, “Kuroda Nagamasa” came in, Keicho 6 (1601) built “Fukuoka castle”, and Tachibana castle became abandoned castle.

In addition, the materials of Tachibana castle are used for the castle of Fukuoka castle, and the remains of Tachibana Castle are not many such as stone walls which remain at the old well traces and main temple traces.


Oshara, East ward, Fukuoka city Fukuoka prefecture 813-0002

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