Kasai castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

葛西城:奥州へ土着した葛西氏発祥の地 戦国時代には遠山綱景の城 葛西城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Kasai Castle
In the Sengoku era when Kasai arrived in Oshu area, the castle Touyama Tsunakage “Kasai Castle”.

Kasai Castle is a castle that was present in Aoto, Katsushika ward, Tokyo metropolitan area.

Castle constructor, the age of the castle is unknown, but Kumu Kasai who is in charge of Kanmuhei is said to have built as a castle in Kamakura period. Castle on the plains which is behind as a natural moat of Nakagawa, in the Sengoku period was placed under the control of Uesugi Okiya and Hojo Go as an important base for entering Shimofusa country.

葛西城:奥州へ土着した葛西氏発祥の地 戦国時代には遠山綱景の城 葛西城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

※ Kasai is said to have settled in the Kamakura period in the war against Oshu and settled in the Rikuzen (southern part of Iwate Prefecture).

At the time of the battle of Kou, Hojo was appointed the post of foremost line, held between Naka river and Futohi river and took positions in the Kounodai castle, and fought a fierce battle with Oyumi Kubou, Ashikaga Yoshiaki, and Satomi. “Toyama Tsunakage” who served as a forefront in the battle of Kounodai palced twice and was killed in the second battle, he was the owner of Kasai Castle.

It was also Kasai Castle where the former ceremony of Ashikaga Kubou Furukawa Yoshiuji, established by Hojo, was held. During the conquest of Odawara by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in Tensho 18th year (1590), it was attacked by Toda Tadatsugu, they surrendered and abandoned the castle, but after Tokugawa Ieyasu entered Edo, a castle shop called “Aoto Goten (with Kasai Goten)” was built at the castle site, and it was used as a lodging house of Falconry until the age of three generations.

葛西城:奥州へ土着した葛西氏発祥の地 戦国時代には遠山綱景の城 葛西城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Whatever little remained of the castle now is “Gotenyama park” and “Kasai castle ruins park”.

7-28 Aoto, Katsushika Ward, Tokyo metropolitan area


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