Marugame castle[The feature on the castles; Japanese history]

丸亀城:石垣が日本一高い四国の名城丸亀城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

[Castle name]
Marugame Castle
Stonewall is the top in Japan Shikoku’s Meijo Marugame Castle.

As you can see in Marugame castle, the stone wall is very high and the castle tower has been built. The height of the stone wall is known to be the highest in Japan.

丸亀城:石垣が日本一高い四国の名城丸亀城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Castle tower itself is a small petite and the smallest guardian in the Mie castle Tower. Inner moat surrounded inner citadel, there was a samurai residence around that, but most of it was demolished in Meiji era.

丸亀城:石垣が日本一高い四国の名城丸亀城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

In the era of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, it became the territory of the Ikoma family, the main castle was Takamatsu Castle, and Marugame castle existed as the castle of Takamatsu Castle. Later, during the Edo Period several Daimyo came, but in 1658, the prestigious Kyogoku family of Omi entered in 60 thousand stones and enter the Meiji Restoration.

丸亀城:石垣が日本一高い四国の名城丸亀城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

In Heisei 18th Era (2006), it was selected as “Japan’s No. 78th among Japan’s 100 Great castle”.

丸亀城:石垣が日本一高い四国の名城丸亀城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

As stated above the height of the stone wall is not ordinary. I hesitated too to climb to Inner citadel. However, the view from the castle was a very wonderful landscape. I hope you visit it by all means.

1 Marugame city, Kagawa prefecture 763 – 0025


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