Warabi Castle[Castle Special Topic Japanese History]

蕨城:足利の氏一門渋川義行が築城したとされる蕨城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Warabi Castle
Ashikaga’s disciple Yoshiyuki Shibukawa built the Warabi castle.

It is said that Warabi castle was built by “Shibukawa Yoshiyuki” disciple of Ashikaga during the period of Northern and Southern Dynasties. Shibukawa Yoshiyuki was responsible for the Muromachi Shogunate ‘s responsible position as Governor Musashi and made “Warabi Castle” as a headquarters.

蕨城:足利の氏一門渋川義行が築城したとされる蕨城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Shibukawa Yoshikyou, the great-grandson of Yoshiyuki, was appointed to the Kanto as local commissioner to keep Koga Kubou under control by the 8th generation general Muromachi shogunate “Ashikaga Yoshimasa”, but was defeated by Koga Kubou “Ashikaga Shigeru” and peace pact was formed by becoming his subordinate.

In the Sengoku era, “Shibukawa Yoshitaka” followed Hojo. In the 6th year of Taiei Era (1526), Warabi castle was attacked by Ougiya “Uesugi Tomooki”, but was recaptured by Hojo afterwards.

In Eiroku 10th year (1567), “Shibukawa Yoshiki” followed Hojo, who went to battle with Awa’s Yasuhiro Satomi and Kazusa “Mifuneyama” but was killed in this battle.

Families and vassals kept on changing and “Warabi Castle” became abandoned, but Leyasu Tokugawa who has been entering the Kanto since then has used the ruined castle as the falcon’s palace. Currently the castle ruins become park and the stone monuments and ruins of water canal remain.

※The stone monument of the Russo-Japanese War dead memorial is placed there.

Saitama prefecture Warabi city central 4 – 21


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