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結城城:足利幕府軍相手に一年間の籠城戦(結城合戦) 結城城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

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Yuki Castle
Yuki castle was where Ujitomo Yuki’s one year besiegement against the Ashikaga Bakufu troops occurred

Yuki castle was a castle that Yuki-shi continued to own. When Kamakura Kubo’s Mochiuji Ashikaga died in 1440 at Eikyo war, his son went to Yuki-shi to ask for protection, and Ujitomo and Mochitomo Yuki decided to patronize him.

結城城:足利幕府軍相手に一年間の籠城戦(結城合戦) 結城城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Because of this they were attacked by Ashikaga Bakufu troops, and went through besiegement for more than a year. However they eventually lost and Yuki-shi fell, but in 1447 when Shigeuji Ashikaga was permitted to restore Kamakura Kubo, Yuki-shi was permitted to be rebuilt as well.

From this point on Yuki-shi continued to rule Kanto region, survived through Sengoku period, and adopted Ieyasu’s second son Hideyasu after Ieyasu Tokugawa’s defeat. When Hideyasu was sent to Echizen later on, Yuki castle was demolished.

結城城:足利幕府軍相手に一年間の籠城戦(結城合戦) 結城城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Right now the form of the castle does not remain, but you can picture it by looking at the moat and the ruins of Kuruwa that still remain.

2486-1 Yuki, Yuki-shi, Ibaraki 307-0001


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