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Kaminoyama Castle
Kaminoyama Castle was where the Tendo family, Yoshiaki Mogami’s relatives, resided.

Kaminoyama Castle was based at current Kaminoyama-shi in Yamagata prefecture, and it was where Kaminoyama domain’s government office was based at during Edo period. During Sengoku period, Kaminoyama-shi (Kaminoyama clan), a branch family of Tendo-shi, ruled the castle but in 1508 it was attacked by Date-shi. After that Kaminoyama-shi successfully took the castle back and they became the owner again.

上山城:最上義光の一族で天童家の庶流上山満兼の居城上山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

At that time, Tendo-shi and Mogami-shi started to collide, and Tendo-shi’s branch family Kaminoyama-shi followed them. In 1580 Yoshiaki Mogami plotted an attack and Kaminoyama Castle was destroyed, after fulfilling its role as a branch castle for the Mogami family.

In 1622 the succession dispute occurred and the Mogami family was sentenced to Kaieki (sudden dismissal and deprivation of position, privileges and properties). After that the owner continued to change, from Matsudaira-shi to Gamoushi-shi, and from Toki-shi to Kanamori-shi. Matsudaira-shi’s Fujii-shi became the owner after that until the Meiji restoration.

上山城:最上義光の一族で天童家の庶流上山満兼の居城上山城【お城特集 日本の歴史】

Yamagami Castle currently has Honmaru ruins, inner moat, Dorui (wall made of earth dug out from a moat), and a part of stone walls, and the rest of the castle tower is the replica made with concrete.

3-7 Motojonai, Kaminoyama-shi, Yamagata 999-3154


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