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Ryukyu castles with vast stone fences
top 100 castles in Japan Nakijin Castle, Naka Gusuku Castle, Zakimi Castle, and Katsuren Castle

Ryukyu Kingdom had flourished long before Edo era in Okinawa islands.

Under Toyotomi administration, Korenori Kamei from Shikano was permitted to invade Ryukyu Kingdom. However, it got called off when it became Edo era, and Shimazu clan in Satsuma got the permission and conquered Ryukyu islands instead.

Rumor has it that Korenori Kamei prepared large battle ships for the conquest of Ryukyu islands.

◆ Nakijin Castle

◆ Naka Gusuku Castle

◆ Zakimi Castle

◆ Katsuren Castle

several locations in Okinawa


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